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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 9, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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hey, everybody, i'm beth troutman. it's i'm for great viral videos "right this minute." >> a dude is having a blast. >> right down the street. >> what happens when he drifts the wrong way? >> what's [ bleep ] do to you? >> he claims his girlfriend did him wrong but. >> this is not going to end well for him. >> criminal glaj how getting even gets out of control. >> a new way to drnkink a beer
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called chug nut. >> what do you want to be more? college wrestler or drunken entrepreneur? there both. both. >> plus, if you want a new ip ipadmeipad mini, we've got the buzzword. how not winning the nerf battle leads to one world-class freak-out. part of the fun of riding things riding where you're not supposed to be. first video from juken, this guy riding down the street, having a blast, nobody out there on the suburban road. keeps his eyes off the road to adjust the gopro, you have to get footage if you're doing something like this and nearly gets killed. >> oh. >> how did he not see that coming? >> watch it again. the gopro doesn't have a view finder, so you kind of have to look around and make sure you're getting -- yeah, he nearly got wasted by that big suv. it's punted by the bark of the
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car, spins him around. the trike in pieces. pops back up. >> i can't believe he walked away. big man upstairs looking out for this joker. >> he hits the gopro, it jerks left and that's what gets him in trouble. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> dude, are you all right in are you sure? are you okay? >> i'm good. >> oh my gosh! >> scared me more than anything, you know? >> these guys, riding again where they're not supposed to be riding on train tracks. it's so appealing to ride on train tracks when you're a dirt biker. it's like a highway into the unknown. but, boy oh boy, make sure those train tracks are not active. >> are you kidding? >> oh, no! >> three guys riding their dirt bikes on the tracks, the guy immediately behind the guy we're riding with doesn't see him slow down right away. nearly smacks into the back of
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the guy we're riding with. he goes flying off the tracks. nobody gets hurt. >> that could have been a really big deal. two very dramatic videos, first one in china, inside a prison. we see a guard here, taking an inmate outside of one of the cells. for some reason that cell remains open and two other inmates walk out of the cell. you see that the guard is now in the office with the first inmate and that inmate walks behind the guard and puts him in a chokehold. the other two men jump in on the attack. they ended up killing this guard. all with the intention of escaping. >> in the video we see them walking out the door. some reports say they changed into police outfits. >> this is brazen. well organized and thought out.
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>> police did find two of the men but still looking for one of the men that got away. they believe that may be misconduct within the prison led to this incident happening. the men they're looking for a 50-year-old, was sentenced to death. in the uk, three thieves break into this home. the homeowners, husband and wife, 59 and 58 years old, get home after a social event. they're dressed up. look at him. >> they come in moments after these guise break into their home? >> those guys are in their home, ransacking the place. bravery of this man, though, is amazing. one by one he starts throwing these guys out of his home. you see the first guy go. that thief still has a crowbar and starts slinging. but andrew does not back down. he sends a second guy out. and then before you know it, all three of them are outside of his home and they all end up running
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away. >> unfortunately they ran off with his briefcase, more than 1,000. >> he uses the other guy as a human shield. hit this giguy. get out of my house. >> one guy identified because of the video the second guy identi identify found by dna and the third man at large. if you've been in your early 20s or college, you probably shotgunned a beer or twop not the easiest thing in the world, until the introduction of chug nut. >> i'm ben. this is the chug nut. shotguns beers perfectly, rotating it it by the side of the can. opens standard pop top bottles and gives you a bigger grip to open pop tops. it's a key chain, too. >> funding canceled. funding for this project was canceled by the project creator
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on august 20th. the project creator, a guy named ben lowers. bens a wrestler at oklahoma state university and the ncaa has a clause, clause number 12.4.4, self-employment clause, student athlete may establish his or her own business provided the athlete's name, photograph, appearance or athletic's reputation are not used to promote the business. the university noticed there might be a problem and that's when they stepped in. >> well then the ncaa needs to start paying these guys. >> we have ben via skype from oklahoma. welcome to the show. i'm sure collegeerywhere love y entrepreneurial spirit. how are you feeling about the fact that you invented this and now you can't get it to people? >> i'm dealing with it pretty well it's get me attention from you guys and interesting people across the world. >> what do wow want to be more, like college wrestler or a
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drunken entrepreneur? >> both. you can always do both. i decided that obviously it wasn't worth stopping something i love and quitting a team for something that is only a puddle in the lake of my student loan. my coach advised me that if i cancel it now i can continue eligibility and won't have repercussions. but i can get llc, incorporate it, do it from behind the scenes and not say this is ben, but this is a business that has a product and i can run the whole thing. >> i can see a chug nut right there beside you i want to know if it really works. does it really work? >> you know what. hold it like this, make sure this is up, then just a slight angle, all you're doing is rotating through, and then get a hold just like this. >> nice. >> nice. >> really does work. hey, everybody, we're giving away a brand-new ipad mini in a little bit. >> you need monday's buzzword,
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18, and a legal u.s. resident. >> coming up. >> stand up for the "rtm" i pda mini giveaway. you don't expect to see that happening in your garage. the woman who posted the video said it's a baby northern ring neck snake caught in a spider web. >> poor thing. caught in the spider web. >> creepy crawley all in one. >> how sad. a ring neck snake and a spird web around its neck. >> what a bummer, yeah. no kidding. >> after she turns the camera off she said she released it and it scurried away quickly. >> definition of monday. >> right. >> caught by a spider, can't believe it! >> trying to get out the garage, how it starts. one of the drivers stops in the middle of the road in downtown los angeles. these people are stopped because a duckling is thauunder that ca
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>> what? >> there he goes. >> so it runs from one car to another. they get the other car to stop. that driver gets out. the police even show up at one point. you can see this guy comes out with a box. >> if the duckling isn't under the tires of the vehicle, why not move the car forward and catch the duckling? >> well, one point they did come to that conclusion. finally the guy gets back into his lexus, moves slowly, here comes the duckling. trapped it. >> you think, right? no. the duck leng wling was not in . the guy drove away. e picks it up. she gets the duck, all is good, traffic returns to normal. and because people are happy filming this, there is of course applause.
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he's head be up and then. >> stop it down to earth. >> see him blast off, next. >> yeah! >> and -- >> you see it? >> no. >> the adorable kid who just doesn't believe that -- >> there's a beetle on his shirt. >> it's not a beetle.
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>> five, four, three, two, one. lift-off! >> what we have here is three different angles. actually brilliant footage. the guy jumps off and does exactly what i would do, screaming my head off. >> ahhh! yeah! whoo! he stuck it, dude. >> he stuck it. automatically think as he starts falling, the hardest part to
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stay on top, yeah it's going to start falling on over. as you can see, yeah, he holds it for quite a long time. >> eight seconds. >> exactly. after quite a few seconds of managing to ride the space shuttle he does lose it. but there's the money shot coming up. should be his face, right there. >> with the sun set in background. >> that's what i mean. as far as videos go, we have so many angles it's seriously cool. just straight up impressive. >> yeah! whoo! we know a thing or two around here about ultimate nerf wars. >> yeah. >> we know how serious it can be. so did these two boys. >> holy cow! >> mini gun. >> yeah. i never wanted to be a 6-year-old boy so much. >> so the 9-year-old take cover behind what i think is a car
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seat and this is where things take a turn. you never saw coming. >> brutal massacre. >> quickly go from really fun nerf war to major tantrum. >> oh. [ crying ] >> when the older brother walks over to him, he turns around and once he does notice that all of his ammo falls out of the gun. >> from happiness to disaster in the binlink of an eye. >> looks like a draw. >> another precious moment. this little guy is being told, there's a beetle on his shirt. >> there's a beetle on your t-shirt. yes, there is. >> look closely, he does have a beetle on his shirt. there it is, can you see it?
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>> no. >> looking for a little animal beetle. >> so there's not a beetle on your t-shirt. >> no. >> funnier if it was john lennon on his shirt. >> there's not a beetle. >> it is a beetle. >> a diver rescues a giant manta ray. >> if they didn't get it off of this manta ray it would have died. next "right this minute." >> be afraid. be very afraid. >> because it's coming for you. >> are you serious? >> the mutant spider prank blowing up the web. but don't miss the monday buzzword you need if you want a chance to win an ipad mini. ththisis i is s hoholl. heher long day of outdoor adventure starts with knee pain. anand d a a chchoioice. tatakeke 6 6 t tylylenenolol i t 2 aleve for all day relief. ononwawardrd! !
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i'll let this video play for a second before a press play. i'll pause it right there. >> oh, that was bad. >> this is a 65-foot drop. >> oh. belly flap. >> why would you belly flap from that height? >> oh! >> i thought maybe this was a dive gone wrong. this is a failed video or something. turns out, no, this is something that people in england are doing now because they're bored. it's belly stoning. a combination of diving, belly
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flopping and pranking. you get the biggest belly flop you can imagine. the coast guard really want to engage this. another person paralyzed thispi. >> i think it's all belly stoning. you have to be stoned to do something like this. >> we have another video. the ball is in the water, taking off his trousers, taking off his socks, shoes. this guy and his hammock are about to take the second shot on the 7th. >> the backstroke. >> he had his golf shoes on, that wouldn't have happened. >> keeps slipping. the camera guy laughing so hard falls to the floor. >> [ bleep ].
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>> so convenient actually he gets him out. but that's just gold. it goes to show you that golf is -- just when you thought it was safe to go back out for a nightly stroll, you have to worry about this. oh, be afraid. be very afraid. >> are you serious? it's a spider costume on a dog. >> it looks like a giant mutant spider. but what this really is, is a dog in a costume. this is from the youtube channel. we first found this video last week. the update is, it already has tens of millions of views.
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these poor girls, watch them, in an empty park deck. headed to the elevator. >> this time it's not just the mutant spider dog. in this case -- >> i love it! >> oh my god. this is evil. >> yes. it gets even more evil. they end this video with the best version of those prank. this time, the body is dismembers. the poor fella comes walking up on it. watch, watch, watch. and the poor man runs up the stares but they've got a web there to stop him. >> you're going to make me pee my pants. >> hold it again, it's stuck, it's stuck, it's stuck, it's stuck. run! >> it's ipad mini giveaway time. you need the buzzword, be 18
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years old, and a legal u.s. resident. >> enter on our website, and click on the win an ipad mini button. >> enter the buzzword on facebook, twitter or both. enter on each every day. >> month's buzzword. it is video. so get on over to, click on the win an ipad mini button and enter monday's buzzword, video. >> good luck, everybody. >> he's taking out his rage on the car. >> man. what's up [ bleep ] do to you. >> stabbing at windshield with what i thinks a screw driver. >> lady troubles drove him over the edge.
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pretty good guess that this guy's not intending to mend the relationship. >> what's up [ bleep ] do to you? >> reports say that's his girlfriend's car. i would say ex-girlfriend at this moment. he's stabbing at the windshield with what i think is a screw driver. smashing in the windshield. you hear people behind the camera egging him on. >> [ bleep ]. let me see how hard. [ bleep ]. >> he takes the screw driver and goes to the paint. scraping along the paint, scratching something into the hood. all apparently over a cheating girlfriend.
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>> you know what? if she's really mad at him, she can go to the popo. >> i talked about the moral high ground. he's lost. he's lost the moral high ground. you've done it on camera. >> the most criminal part of this video, though, the dude is wearing two different socks. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> he let his rage get best of him. blind fury. he's going to have a hard time getting another girl. if any girl does take this guy, she gets what she deserves. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> that's it for "rtm." we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. great viral videos are coming your way "right this minute." [ bleep ]. >> it's mob rule in a store parking lot and watch what they do. >> oh! >> the moment they started throwing punches and pumpkins. dare devil explorers travel to the edge of a volcano. >> it's like the crock pot of earth. >> yes. >> see the amazing journey to get this close. >> sure it's a foot deep? >> yeah. >> a cop answers the call of duty by -- >> taking his


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